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       Performance Artist


* POPPING: 5 years experience.

* BREAKING/FOOTWORK: 6 months experience.

* LOCKING: 6 months experience.

* LIQUID: 7 years experience.


November 2004  ~ REDBULL BEAT RIDERS Dance Camp

September 2003 ~ 1st PLACE, SOLO FEMALE Competition;FLAVOR Urban Momentum Dance Week

February 2003 ~ 1st PLACE, Hot 94.9 Dance Competition

October 2002 ~ 1st PLACE, Momentum Dance Competition

2003 Cybelle Clothing Co. (now MaMa Clothing) Photo


The word Fluid: which in some cases means likely to change or move is synonymous with words like changeable, flowing, smooth, graceful, elegant, sinuous, adaptable, and flexible. FLUIDGIRL, who is just as likely to change or move, is equally synonymous with the aforementioned selection of descriptive words. As the newest member of the legendary dance group Medea Sirkas, renowned for their pioneering of strutting, boogaloo, and the Fillmore dance styles, with experience performing on stage, television, and in competition as well as in dance instruction, this phenomenal 28 year old teacher/dance performance artist embodies a personality that can only be described as lively. A veteran dancer, FLUIDGIRL’s repertoire includes popping, locking, liquid, and freestyle.

Born in Inglewood, California and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Christine ‘FLUIDGIRL’ Updyke has been dancing since the age of 7. A consummate professional, she has allowed her cautious, sensible nature and patience along with her deep love of dance and a youthful vulnerability to combine, molding her into an innovative, interactive dance professional whose energy is fueled by the ability to touch and encourage other people (especially women) while simultaneously helping them to discover their own dance potential. She is inspired by the creativity of other people, improving and learning new things about her own dance abilities while simplifying dance for others. A deeply spiritual individual, FLUIDGIRL incorporates her love of dance and performance, her artistic ability and creativity, and friendly outgoing personality into an educational process that encompasses personal development as well as individual self-knowledge.

As a member of Medea Sirkas, FLUIDGIRL enjoys the opportunity to work with the dedicated, hard-hitting professionals, she admires, while dancing and competing in the dance form she both enjoys and finds most challenging. A spirited, yet serious artist, she absorbs the lessons delivered in the heat of competition. Not at all intimidated by the spirit of competition, FLUIDGIRL finds her drive and motivation in the challenges presented by competitive dance. Fascinated by the energy and variety involved in Hip Hop dance, FLUIDGIRL is lured by their creatively challenging, constantly evolving styles. Captivated by the diversity and energy of Hip Hop dance, she has performed, taught, and competed both locally, during the 2003 Pro-Am, Urban Momentum Dance Week, and Hot 94.9 Dance competitions, as well as nationally for Shapeshifter and Wish in Atlanta, Cybelle/Momma in Philadelphia, and Nebellen in Arizona.

With interests in drawing, art, fantasy, spirituality, and interior design, FLUIDGIRL displays versatility in her outside interests as well as in her profession proving that she is a well of diversity. Currently touring with Medea Sirkas, this well rounded artist exhibits a range so flexible it could only be categorized as FLUID.


For resume or booking information, please email her at rudancing777@yahoo.com.


Current FLUIDGIRL Happenings!


She is currently practicing with her crew, Medea Sirkas, for upcoming shows. Be on the look out for them!

For further inquiries about her soon-to-be performance "where abouts", email her at rudancing777@yahoo.com.



Go to www.redbullbeatriders.com to see clips of FLUIDGIRL. Go to the top of the site's home page and go to the "riders" section. On the bios to the left, scroll down to her picture and the clips are in there. Enjoy!



FLUIDGIRL is in talks with a few people regarding classes, so be sure to contact her for more information.


Good dance resources and some of her favorite sites to visit!

 *** http://psychicfreedom.50megs.com (FLUIDGIRL's OTHER WEBSITE and TALENTS)

***  www.medeasirkas.com (her crew)

www.redbullbeatriders.com (Attended this dance camp last year)

www.mrwiggles.biz (Great source for the hip hop community)

www.myspace.com (Great way to network with old friends and new ones)

www.flavorgroup.com (Entertainment Co. in San Francisco)

www.freestylesession.com (Dance resource)

www.soniachoquette.com (Psychic/self-help website, one of her favorite authors)

www.shadowscapes.com (one of her favorite fantasy artists)




2004 Fluidgirl Photograph

Photo taken by Heather Young


Contact: rudancing777@yahoo.com